Flash ”Oldschool Kukat” by Matte Bokis


Like Ink’s ready-to-use flash-sheets with fake tattoos are 195×140 mm in size and filled with the design you see in the picture. We print and ship your sheet with these bad ass tattoos within 24 hours after you have ordered. The tattoos look good, are of high quality, and are easy to apply and wash off. Like Ink complies with all legislation for cosmetic products in the EU, so you can feel safe when ordering fake tattoos from us.

Tilaa arkki feikkitatuointeja Oldschool Kukat -muodossa lahjakkaalta taiteilijalta ja tatuointitaiteilijalta Matte Bokis.

This sheet is designed by the awesome tattoo artist ”Matte Bokis”, an experienced and highly popular tattoo artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Really fun to offer art from this super good grafitti and tattoo artist.

This is Matte Bokis: I’m an tattoo artist based in Stockholm. I’m truly excited to craft some flash designs for Like ink, the best fake tattoo company in Europe. My journey into the world of art started on the graffiti scene in the early 90s, and since 2006, I’ve been deeply involved in the tattooing community.

My passion lies in the traditional art of tattooing, but I always add my unique twist to it. Creating and designing tattoos is a daily ritual for me, and every piece I produce is a reflection of my love for this art form.

I hope you appreciate and enjoy my work as much as I loved creating it!

Warm regards, Matte Bokis

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Studio Merentis, Stockholm